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Fiberglass Treads for Stair Safety

Cost Effective Solution

While our products exceed all safety standards, Guardian anti-slip stair treads are competitively priced and will not blow your construction or maintenance budget.

The ease of installation allows the general public to quickly and effectively install Guardian stairnosing products.

Fiberglass Stair Nosing

Guardian Fiberglass Stair Nosing is extremely durable and provides maximum anti-slip protection for pedestrian safety.

Fiberglass stair nosing is designed to minimise slipping, tripping and at the same time highlight the step edge.

Guardian products are cut to measure, easy to install, and provide a fast-permanent anti-slip solution to all surfaces.

The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is manufactured from high quality, non-corrosive, UV resistant material. All anti-slip environmental tests are undertaken by the CSIRO, providing an R13 rating for 'Oil Wet Ramp' and 72V results for 'Wet Pendulum'. Refer to CSIRO Test Reports for more information.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

Guardian are so confident that our Fiberglass Stairnosing will withstand any natural condition, that we offer a 5-year guarantee; ensuring you peace of mind like no other stair tread.

Professional Installation

Schedule an appointment today with our friendly Customer Service Team and have your stairnosing professionally installed. Guardian stairnosing installations are protected with a warranty and guaranteed to comply to the National Construction Code D2.13 / D2.14.