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Mining, Marine & Industrial Stair Safety

For more examples of our Mining, Marine & Industrial Stair Safety products in use, visit the Guardian Stair Safety photo gallery.

Cost Effective Solution

While our product meets and exceeds all safety standards, Guardian Non Slip Stair Treads are very competitively priced and will not blow out your construction or maintenance budget.

The ease of installation means general trades people can install it quickly and effectively.


Our Non Slip Treads are manufactured from high quality, UV resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.

They provide a fast, permanent anti-slip surface to the front edge to all types of stair surfaces, even in adverse conditions such as the presence of water or oil.

They are non-corrosive, anti-static and resistant to acids and chemicals.

Quality Stair Safety

Guardian Tactile Systems have been an operating company now for over 8 years.

We specialise in the manufacture and marketing of Tactile Indicators, Non Slip Stair Nosing, Grip Tapes and Braille Signage.

Guardian have a network of over 60 Guardian agents throughout Australia who actively supply and install our range of products.

Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP) Stair Nosing is extremely tough and anti slip. It carries an R13 (High) rating for the 'Oil Wet Ramp' test and 72 V(High) for the 'Wet Pendulum' test through CSIRO.

The ASTM C 1353:1998 Abrasion test is rated at 25.79. See the CSIRO Test Reports.

Building Requirements

Guardian Non Slip Fiberglass Stair Treads are a safety product essential for owners and operators of Industrial, Marine and Mining facilities.

They are a necessity for workers and management who use access stairs and platforms to navigate their work environment.

It is also vital where dedicated stairs are used for fire and emergency escape purposes.

Building Codes for the construction of stairs and exits and Australian Standards for access and mobility now require all new buildings to include slip-resistant stair treads.


Guardian Non Slip Stair Nosing is guaranteed for a period of 5 years from installation.